The Laredo Builders Association committees and their leadership form the backbone of our events and fundraising activities. Committee members volunteer their time and their talents to the various functions of the LBA.

The Laredo Builders Association regularly forms committees to carry out the goals of the LBA. These committees are chaired by members of the LBA who volunteer to assist the Board of Directors, Officers, and Executive Director with a myriad of tasks. The committees form the backbone of the LBA and its mission. The role of each committee is dependent on the task. Committees are formed to develop and host events, deliver policy and strategy to stakeholders and legislative bodies within our communities as well as to assist in the overall success of the LBA’s mission.

The Laredo Builders Association depends greatly on the success of its many individual events and projects. Whether we are fundraising, educating our membership, or lobbying a governmental unit, our committees play an integral role in carrying out the mission of the LBA. We have formed multiple committees to share in the development and execution of the many tasks that form our strategy and mission. We are honored that so many of our members have chosen to lend their time and talents and sometimes even their treasure to ensure the success of the Laredo Builders Association.

Below you will find our committees and the distinguished members who have volunteered to chair and co-chair these committees. Please contact each individual chair if you wish to join any one or more of these important groups. You may also contact our Executive Director, Sheri Alba, if you have an interest in chairing or becoming a member of these committees.

2016 Committee Chairpersons

Membership Committee

Chairperson: Lizbeth Uribe

Builder/Developer Issues & Strategic Plan Committee

Chairperson: Cliff Killam

Fundraisers Committee

Chairperson: Leila G. Martinez

Events Committee

Chairperson: Carlos D Garcia

Education Committe

Chairperson: Andy Gonzalez