The Laredo Builders Association is a non-profit organization founded in 1992, that educates and advocates on the issues associated with the building industry.

The Laredo Builders Association is a local non-profit group that strives to keep the the building industry a healthy one by opening up the lines of communication between its members, local, state, and national governing entities as well as the public at large.

The LBA accomplishes this goal through its various committees, community outreach, and fundraising efforts. Many of the LBA’s events not only serve the public but the building industry as well. For instance, the annual Parade of Homes serves the builders so that they may showcase current building trends; the associate members benefit by showcasing their product in a home setting; and the public benefits with an annual event that is a convenient avenue for home buyers to see many different styles, builders, and locations in which to purchase a home, all in one weekend!

The LBA hosts a bevy of events each year, including the Parade of Homes, Bowling and Golf Tournaments, Annual Cornerstone Awards Ceremony, Annual Margarita & Salsa Contest, and much more. In addition, the LBA awards to its members, staff or family members, college scholarships in excess of $5000 per year.

The LBA also boasts its highly successful Government Relations and Development & Engineering Committees that have worked hard to ensure that all builders in Laredo benefit from their hard work in the areas of the spec book, city ordinances, and or city permits and/or fees.

The LBA strongly encourages our members to seek out and do business with other members! “Members doing business with Members!” is our ultimate goal.


The Laredo Builders Association committees and their leadership form the backbone of our events and fundraising activities. Committee members volunteer their time and their talents to the various functions of the LBA.

Executive Director

The Laredo Builders Association’s Executive Director, Sheri Alba, has served the Laredo Builders Association as its Chief Executive Officer for over twenty years.

Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors are elected from the membership at large at our annual meeting. Officers and board members serve multi year terms according to our by-laws.


The Laredo Builders Association seeks to increase our influence and our leadership in the community by empowering our members.